Perdrix / Partridge
(stained glass, c.1500)

Perdrix Press:

Publications to Date

Perdrix Press was established by me in 1997 as a convenient way of issuing mostly collaborative works of poetry and translation, particularly those with a strong visual component.

Paul Celan, Leicester Kyle, Wendy Nu, Ezra Pound, Arthur Rimbaud, and Gabriel White are some of the writers and artists who've been published by the press so far.

Let's hope there'll be many more to come.

The postal address remains:

Perdrix Press
6A Hastings Rd
Mairangi Bay
North Shore City 0630
New Zealand

If you wish to order a book (or to make general enquiries) you can either leave a comment at the bottom of any page on this blog, or alternatively email me here.

(Please remember to add $NZ5 postage and packing for any book purchase within New Zealand).

- Jack Ross

Latest Title:

[Book design: William T. Ayton]

7 - Jack Ross & William T. Ayton. Scenes from The Puppet Oresteia. ISBN 978-0-473-18881-8. Rhinebeck, NY: Narcissus Press / Auckland: Perdrix Press, May 2011.


B4-sized, 44-page poetry chapbook, with 24 ink drawings by William T. Ayton.

[$US 15.00 / $NZ 20.00]

Coming Soon:

[Cover design: Bronwyn Lloyd]

8 - Leicester Kyle. Five Millerton Sequences. Edited by Jack Ross. With a Poem By David Howard. ISBN 978-0-473-18880-1. Auckland: Perdrix Press, July 2011.


A5-sized, 70-page poetry chapbook.

[$NZ 25.00]


6 - Jack Ross. A Bus Called Mr Nice Guy. ISBN 0-473-10526-8. (Numbered edition of 55 copies). Auckland: Perdrix Press, November 2005.


A5-sized, 52-page poetry chapbook.

[$NZ 20.00 / sold out]

5 - Jack Ross. The Britney Suite. (Numbered edition of 25 copies). Auckland: Perdrix Press, May 2001.


A5-sized, 24-page poetry chapbook, with facsimiles of texts by Paul Celan, translated by Jack Ross, and poems by Wendy Nu & Jack Ross.

[$NZ 15.00 / sold out]

4 - Jack Ross & Gabriel White. The Perfect Storm. ISBN 0-473-07350-1. (Limited edition of 100 copies). Auckland: Perdrix Press, November 2000.


A5-sized, 8-page poetry pamphlet, together with a video cassette.

[$NZ 10.00 / 12 copies available]

3 - Jack Ross & Gabriel White. A Town Like Parataxis. ISBN 0-473-07104-5. (Limited edition of 100 copies). Auckland: Perdrix Press, October 2000.


A4-sized, 22-page poetry chapbook, with 9 photographs by Gabriel White.

[$NZ 10.00 / sold out]

2 - Jack Ross, trans. Pound's Fascist Cantos. (Numbered edition of 25 copies). Auckland: Perdrix Press, May 1997.


A5-sized, 44-page poetry chapbook.

[$NZ 5.00 / sold out]

1 - Jack Ross. Killing Time. (Numbered edition of 16 copies). Auckland: Perdrix Press, March 1997.


A5-sized, 22-page poetry chapbook.

[$NZ 2.00 / sold out]

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