Killing Time (1997)

Cover design: Jack Ross

Killing Time

Poems by Jack Ross
Auckland: Perdrix Press, 1997
[iv] + 16 pp. / [16 numbered copies]

[out of print]


  1. Auckland by Night / Brussels by Day

  2. One Version of Pastoral

  3. The Prospect of the Bungy-Jump

  4. On the Occasion of Wet Snow / A Road through Pylons

  5. Killing Time / Morning at a Language School

  6. Recovery / The God Abandons Antony

  7. Laura I-II

  8. Laura III

  9. Life in a Chinese Novel


Perdrix Press
6A Hastings Rd
Mairangi Bay
North Shore City 0630

RRP: $NZ 2.00 [out of print]

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